An Open Letter to Independent Restaurants

Feb 11, 21

An Open Letter to Independent Restaurants

To beloved restaurant operators and workers:

Multi-national food delivery giants are here, and they're here to stay. What will your business/livelihood look like in 2 years, 5 years?

If you are from a small town, you'll have a head start to prepare for maybe another year or 2, but if you are in cities, they are coming for blood.

Platform-owned Dark/Ghost/Cloud kitchens with perfect market demand data, minimal overhead, and staffing will enter your market and take your business, enticing customers by halving the retail price, while you are stuck with high rent, floor costs, and full staff.

Delivery drones that cost cents to fulfill each meal are already deployed in experimental markets, once economical and fully functional, they'll replace most human workers.

Is this a world you want to see? It's likely inevitable, but there is something we can do to shift the tide.

No, it's not in house delivery or online ordering (as the software vendors want you to believe), that only isolate restaurants to be picked off one by one, you have no leverage, only increased costs individually.

We built a viable model that can compete with the giants, with a unique edge that they can't win against.

Locally owned delivery businesses that unite local restaurants, under one banner.

Why? Only when united, you can negotiate terms that fit the local needs, bargain with the collective power, and keep the circulation of cash local. Restaurants can benefit from a $0 starting commission, full menu control, full data transparency, and no delivery staffing costs. All returning power to the local economy, with local stakeholders, not shareholders from the other side of the world.

William Tsui
Co-Founder of Canuck Eats

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