Canuck Eats Eyes Assets of Recently Closed Feastify

Canuck Eats Eyes Assets of Recently Closed Feastify

Hello to our wonderful Canuck Eats community!

August brought the surprising news of Feastify's closure, a pioneer in rural food delivery across Canada. While many were saddened by this development, there might be a silver lining. We're thrilled to share that Canuck Eats is now exploring the possibility of acquiring assets from Feastify. However, we'd like to emphasize that this potential acquisition is still subject to board approval and various other conditions.

Why Feastify?

For the uninitiated, Feastify has been a significant player in the Canadian food delivery landscape, especially for rural communities. From the mountainous backdrop of Canmore in Alberta to the historic heart of Brockville in Ontario and up to the bustling community of Whitehorse in Yukon, Feastify has made its mark.

What This Could Mean for Our Community

Should the acquisition materialize, Canuck Eats users can anticipate an even broader range of delivery locales. Envision savoring your favorite dishes in places like Drayton Valley, Revelstoke, Miramichi, Gander, and countless other towns from coast to coast!

A Dedication to Rural Markets

Feastify's dedication to smaller markets, such as Nelson with its serene lakeside views and the lively Summerside, mirrors our ethos at Canuck Eats. By potentially merging their expertise with ours, we're looking forward to offering an unparalleled food delivery experience in these areas.

Stay Tuned

This potential acquisition marks a riveting phase in our journey. We promise to keep our community informed throughout the process. Your trust and continued support are invaluable to us.

In Conclusion

While Feastify's closure in August was indeed a loss for the food delivery industry, we're hopeful about the new possibilities it brings. Our unwavering goal is to offer every Canadian exceptional food delivery services. Here's to more culinary adventures together!

Bon appétit, The Canuck Eats Team

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