We had this concept since 2017, after moving into small town Merritt, BC of about 7000 people. Food choices are limited and delivery options are just Pizza and Chinese. Skip and other national delivery apps will not enter our town, simply because the market is too small.

With such a small market, for the exception of a couple of cases, small town local restaurants can not afford a delivery fleet. Most of the time, it's only pizza chains and a couple of independent drivers working out of a cell phone.

There has to be a better way.


By then, most larger cities have a delivery app or 2 in operation already. In 2020, Merritt has 0. Since our co-founder William has decided to hunker down in Merritt during this pandemic, he went back to the groundwork he laid in 2017.

Chicken & Egg Problem.

Diners want choices, and restaurants want business. With just an idea, and no money or traction to show (much like his previous startup xPressTap), William went to a personal friend in town that has been operating small town restaurants in the past decade. They didn't understand our model, without actual business activity.

We decided to modernize the decades old "over the phone" food ordering business in town. Instead of diners digging for their menus with outdated prices from constant inflation, and picking up the phone, hunting the number for the "delivery guy" and pray that they pick up the phone AND have someone available, then hopefully relay your order without mistakes or forgetting something... 


We offer some of the best compensation around for the drivers so that we ALWAYS have drivers available. We collected and maintained the most popular menus in town, so no one needs to dig for them again. Best of all, we set our own prices, so that restaurants will not need to change their workflow or pay for our basic deliveries, paying customers decides if our pricing is fair. To the restaurants, we're just their best customer in town that shows up every day to pay full price for their takeouts. Now, William's restaurateur friend understands, and the rest of the restaurants in town followed.


Our model, technology, and systems were built to be scalable with other cities all around the country. This is where we set our difference from the multinational delivery apps with shareholders from half way across the globe. Canuck Eats Inc. itself does not own or directly control the delivery businesses in each town, only the web systems. Each town has its own local franchise owner/operator, this ensures each town gets the highest level of customer service since they live in the community. We are currently seeking new franchisees across BC and Canada.